Purpose, Value, and Meaning?

Purpose, Value, and Meaning are the common core issues that plague people today. What is my purpose in life? Just how valuable is my life? What is the meaning of life and how can I find meaning? These are not new questions but age old dilemmas for all mankind. Although times are in a constant state of flux the core issues of the human soul never change. Science, intellectualism, psychology, and a myriad of other schools have offered suggestions and theories which always teeter on a fault-line of partial truth. People flow like great schools of fish to and fro from one theory to another searching for answers to the deep probing issues of the soul. In relentless pursuit of deep satisfaction an individual will attach themselves to the latest or some resurrected theory or lifestyle until satisfaction crumbles then they grab at straws for something different. How long must this go on before they reach their nirvana? Should one be void of this great answer in life and take this pain down to the grave?

The truth is you are not the only one who has traveled this journey. In the Bible a man named Solomon traveled this journey to and fro searching for some thing that would satisfy the deepest longing of his soul. You can read about his pursuit in the small book of the Bible called Ecclesiastes. I won’t spoil the story by telling you how it ends, just read it for yourself. But do pay attention to how it ends, in the conclusion you will find your answer to what you are really looking for in life.

Another truth is there is an age old, time tested answer to the meaning, purpose, and value of life. Any attempt to answer these issues from the viewpoint of man is relative to many circumstances. But when we look to the Sovereign, Eternal, Omniscient, Holy, and Righteous GOD the truth becomes absolute.

You see GOD created man in HIS image and there is our value. It is said of no other creature that they were made in the image of GOD. When a couple has children they procreate children in their image, children have great value. You were created in the image of GOD therefore you have great value and you will only know that value when you are in an intimate relationship with GOD.

GOD created man with the power of free will but he set boundaries to define right and wrong.  When we operate within those boundaries life is defined and therein we find meaning. A life without absolute  boundaries has no significance. But a life which is lived in obedience to GOD is one that is defined, significant, and full of meaning.

Finally GOD created man with a great longing for relationships. First GOD created man then said, “It is not good that man should be alone.” GOD knew that the inward longing of man for purpose would be fulfilled in relationships and that is part of the reason he created woman. But why is it that so many people even in marriage relationship feel so alone? Marriage and all other earthly relationships can only give us a sense of purpose but they never satisfy the deepest longing of the soul for purpose. Purpose in life is only satisfied in an intimate relationship with GOD. We must remember, GOD had a relationship with man before man had a relationship with woman.

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